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Globalize Your Business

Publish your content in multiple languages.
Organize and manage all your assets.
Scale horizontally and vertically with
built-in cloud computing services.

SaralCMS is currently in BETA testing. If you are interested in test driving the product please visit Test Drive Saral page

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Saral is a Multi-Lingual Content Management System (CMS) to help you create, manage and publish your website content in multiple languages. Saral is an easy-to-use CMS offered as a paid subscription service (SAS) in increasing popular cloud computing environment.

Saral is developed as a client/server application based on state of the art Ruby-On-Rails framework and takes full advantage of the Web 2.0 features offered by the Rails framework.

Release 1.0 of Saral provides fully integrated client API for Rails based applications and websites. Future releases will provide client APIs for Java, PHP, .NET and other languages / platforms.

SaralCMS Logical Architecture

Key Features

  1. Full life cycle management of website content in multiple languages. This includes:
    1. Content authoring using WYSIWYG editor.
    2. Content translation in various languages
    3. Content life cycle management (authoring -> editing -> publishing -> expiration).
    4. Content versioning by language
    5. Content publishing in various formats including XHTML, RSS, ATOM feeds.
    6. Content organization and categorization to any levels
    7. I18N compatible language translation of static keywords and phrases
    8. Fully indexed content search
    9. Content management for XHTML, Audio, video and other multi-media content
  2. Content work flow management for authoring, editing and publishing of content including scheduled publishing and expiration of content.
  3. Content distribution and delivery via Amazon's S3 and CloudFront Content Delivery Network (Optional)
  4. Content translation and editing in multiple (supported) languages.
  5. Role based user and groups management.
  6. Website menus and links management. Create craiglist style menu hierarchy to any level in multiple languages.
  7. In-place editing of content using WYSIWYG editor.



Saral's goal is to reduce the effort and speed the development of multi-lingual websites. Saral accomplishes this by allowing you to centrally organize and manage your content in multiple languages. By using the Saral client API, you can insert the content anywhere in your website. Showing the content in a different language is simply a matter of providing "locale" argument to the client API call.

  1. No need to maintain multiple versions of the website for different languages. A single version of website can display content in multiple languages
  2. No need to integrate/develop/debug any globalization/localization libraries & tools.
  3. Add/remove support for languages with minimum effort.
  4. No need to buy/install/maintain expensive Content Management System. You only "Pay Per Use" as subscription fee
  5. Get full benefits of performance and scalability offered by cloud computing environment. Your content is distributed to a server farm across the globe. And your content is fetched from the server closet to the user's location giving the optimal response time and user experience.
  6. Dynamically update the content and make it available to users immediately. No need to update/test/debug and republish your website
  7. Auto-detect user's language preference and present the website in appropriate language